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Delara develops, designs and delivers digital experiences for cultural and heritage projects

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We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in London with a passion for creating innovative takes on culture and heritage.

Director, Founder

Juan de Lara

Juan is a founding Director at Delara, where he is responsible for the artistic and academic excellence of our projects. With a diverse career covering roles in heritage sites, museums, institutes and universities, Juan delivers strategic vision for our interpretation and curatorial endeavours.


Making culture engaging.



Epic Iran – V&A Museum

Delara provided interpretive and curatorial content for the largest exhibition on Persian art to date, covering 5,000 years of art, design, and culture. 'Epic Iran' illuminated one of the greatest historic civilizations, showcasing its journey into the 21st century and highlighting its monumental artistic achievements, which remain unknown to many.
Project ManagementResearch

The Pavilion of Humanity – 57ᵗʰ Venice Biennale

The Pavilion of Humanityat the 57th Biennale of Venice (2017) raised the question of the role of arts and culture in times of crisis, political upheaval and change. The celebrated showcase, with memorable pieces such as a room constructed from 25,000 men’s, marked a momentum in the world's most important art exhibition.

Illuminating the Parthenon

This award-winning archaeological research showcased the innovative potential of using virtual reality (VR) and 3D reconstructions to simulate the experience of entering the ancient Parthenon in the Acropolis of Athens. This project demonstrated how these cutting-edge technologies can successfully bring history to life and offer a unique perspective on the past.

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